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RENNtech | Hand-Held Suspension Module | S-Class

RENNtech HSM | Digital Suspension Lowering Module for the W222 and C217 S-Class Sedan and Coupe.
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RENNtech HSM | Hand-Held Suspension Module Software Download (ALL):

  • Download Software for Windows (32 and 64-bit) here
  • Download the  Android OS Tablet Application by clicking here

  • Purchase the optional Android OS tablet for our Digital Suspension Lowering Module here





The RENNtech Hand-Held Suspension Module (HSM) is designed to work with the W222 - S-Class Sedan and C217 - S-Class Coupé/Cabriolet, equipped with the Mercedes Airmatic and Magic Body Control Suspensions.The unit allows the user to have full control over all four corners of the vehicle’s suspension and adjust in 1mm increments.

The HSM comes pre-loaded with a RENNtech lowering setting. User can load their custom setting onto the HSM to set the vehicle to their preffered ride height.

The desired lowering setting will be loaded onto the vehicle via the ODB2 port in the footwell of the car. After plugging the HSM into the ODB2 port, the user can toggle a switch to load the factory or the adjusted ride height. After a few seconds, the new setting is uploaded and the car will adjust to the new height.

The factory setting will always be stored on the HSM and the user can set the vehicle back to the factory setting.

Once the settings are loaded, simply unplug and store for future use.


With the newest update to our HSM, the user is now able to adjust the suspension settings directly in the on-board command system in their Mercedes. After plugging the HSM into the OBD2 port, the #RENNtech HSM Screen will appear on the Mercedes Command screen. After changing and saving the settings, the module can be unplugged and the screen goes back to the regular Mercedes menu.

No tools, laptop or tablet needed. Full Plug'n'Play Solution.


All RENNtech HSMs are adjustable via USB using either Windows or Android OS.The software allows the user to adjust the ride-height at each corner in 1mm increments independently. The software also has three locations where the user can store pre-configured suspension setups for quick changes.


Please note:

  • Available for the W222 - S-Class Sedan MY2014+ and C217 - S-Class Coupé/Convertible MY2014+
  • Lower or Raise your car to your prefered ride height.
  • Adjusted setting loaded onto car via ODB2 port
  • Installation in less than 10 seconds
  • With the first use, the HSM will be 'married' to the vehicle and can only be used with this vehicle



  • W222 - S-Class Sedan
    • S450 (Air Body Control Optional)
    • S550
    • S560 (Air Body Control Optional)
    • S600
    • S63 AMG
    • S65 AMG
    • S500 Maybach
    • S560 Maybach
    • S600 Maybach
    • S650 Maybach
  • C217 - S-Class Coupe
    • S550
    • S560
    • S63 AMG
    • S65 AMG



RENNtech V4 DLM Module Specifications:

  • Adjustment increments: 1mm

  • Maximum Lowering: Limited only by vehicle

  • Adjustment Methods: PC or Android (Tablet)

  • Size: 73mm x 44mm x 24mm





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