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 The AMG GT63 RIIIx is an exclusive limited edition 4-door supercar. Each example will be built and tuned at RENNtechs headquarters in Stuart, FL.  Featuring unmatched power output and performance figures, only available with this ultimate package. The RIIIx is the first R-Line Performance package reaching over 1,000 HP at the wheels, fine-tuned on RENNtechs in-house Dyno and real-world tested on South Florida's most prominent race tracks.


This extensive performance overhaul is wrapped in an aggressive, fully pre-preg carbon fiber aero package.

Every Limited Edition RIIIx comes equipped with multiple visual enhancements, in addition to the RENNtech A1 Aero Package:

• Each RIIIx features custom serial numbered plaques, unique to each vehicle

• Limited Edition RIIIx plaques affixed to the carbon fiber aero parts

• RIIIx engine plaque, signed by RENNtech founder, Hartmut Feyhl

• Limited Edition RIIIx interior plaque centered on the dash of the GT63

• Optional exterior graphics package, designed exclusively for the RIIIx

• Custom RIIIx badge located on the rear decklid


RIIIx Trunk Lid Badge

RIIIx Trunk Lid Badge

RIIIx Engine Plaque

RIIIx Engine Plaque

RIIIx Interior Plaque

RIIIx Interior Plaque

Side Skirt I

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts w/Custom RIIIx Plaque

Splitter w/Plaque

Carbon Fiber Splitter w/Custom RIIIx Plaque

Side Skirt II

Carbon Fiber Side Skirts w/Custom RIIIx Plaque

Diffuser Plaque

Carbon Fiber Diffusor w/Custom RIIIx Plaque

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1/4 Mile

RIIIx Performance Package


The RENNtech AMG GT 63 4-Door Coupe RIIIx is equipped with our exclusive RIIIx Performance Package Producing 1,196 HP and 972 LB-FT. Developed for the M177-Twinscroll Platform, the RIIIx is our most powerful production package to date. With it's release, it made the RENNtech AMG GT63 4-Door Coupe the fastest of it's kind in the world. A 2.44sec 0-60mph sprint makes it faster than most Sportscars off the line. The quarter mile is passed in 9.9sec @ 139mph, while maintaining a 6.47sec 60-130mph acceleration. 

  • • ECU Upgrade 
  • Our proprietary tuning module stores both the RENNtech tuned file and your vehicles stock file. The module plugs directly into the OBD2 port and delivers the file you choose directly to the ECU.
  • • Stage II Turbo Upgrade 
  • RENNtech lightweight forged billet turbo wheel features a larger-than stock impeller (inlet side) and an increase in the turbine trim (exhaust side). This isn’t just an OEM turbo charger with machined internals; but a dramatically larger, more powerful turbocharger that blows away anything else on the market.
  • • Stainless Steel Downpipes 
  • Made out of from 304 High-Strength Stainless Steel and are equipped with 200 Cell Sport Catalytic Converters downpipes improve performance, reduce back pressure, increase initial turbo spooling and enhance sound output.
    • • Fuel System Upgrade 
    • Due to the added power on the RIIIx, the car has a much higher fuel demand than with factory power. RENNtech's proprietary Fuel System Upgrade imporves fuel delivery and satisfies the higher fuel demand.
  • • Stainless Steel Sport Mufflers 
  • Made out of 2 3/4 inch diameter tubing our sport mufflers are lighter weight than the stock exhaust and improve performance by reducing exhaust back pressure, increasing exhaust gas flow and cylinder scavenging. Fully compatible with factory exhaust valves, for Comfort, Sport, Sport + / Race -modes.
  • • Carbon Fiber Airboxes 
  • Substantially larger than stock and a symmetrical design that delivers over 30% more filter area allows the engine to perform at the highest level in both stock and tuned form. TCU Upgrade: TCU upgrade elivers faster acceleration by matching the power output of our ECU and Turbo upgrades with increased Clutch Torque Limits, Clutch Pressure, and faster shift times.
  • • CPC Upgrade 
  • The Powertrain Control Unit (CPC) upgrade increases torque limits and allows the engine to operate without the restrictions set by the stock/factory CPC unit. Fuel Management System: Increased flow and pressure to meet the demand of upgraded performance parts including Turbos and ECU.
  • • BMC Air Filters 
  • BMC air filters are designed to last longer and create more power than the OEM paper filters. Blow Off Valves: Designed as a quick bolt-in solution which are intended to release excessive pressure in high boost occasions.
  • • Exhaust Valve Module 
  • The EVM allows you to fully open the exhaust valves of the AMG Sport Exhaust, giving you complete control over the exhaust sound regardless of speed, RPM or driving mode.
  • • Upgraded Intercooler 
  • The additional boost means additional heat and our upgraded heat exchanger helps manage the additional energy.
  • • Brake Upgrade 
  • High Performance Brake Upgrade including Front + Rear Rotors and Front + Rear Brake Pads


RIIIX Canards IdleRIIIX Canards Hover
RIIIX Splitter IdleRIIIX Splitter Hover
RIIIX Side Skirts IdleRIIIX Side Skirts Hover
RIIIX Diffuser IdleRIIIX Diffuser Hover
RIIIX Wing IdleRIIIX Wing Hover


To improve the aerodynamic properties of the GT63 4-Door Coupe, RENNtech’s in-house design team developed the sharply styled Aero 1 package for the RIIIX. Each component is manufactured from high-strength, aerospace grade lightweight pre-preg carbon fiber. From the front of the vehicle, an aggressive multi-piece front splitter with canards commands presence and improves airflow into the grill openings. Continuing the dynamic aesthetic along the body sides are two-piece side skirts, stretching between the front and rear wheel wells. Keeping the rear end planted, a three-piece diffuser and fixed wing play an integral role in increased downforce and transferring high velocity airflow, allowing the RIIIX to surgically cut through the air. Each individual component is designed to work in visual and functional harmony, creating a stunning aesthetic for this exclusive package.



 RPS logo

RENNtech Performance Series | Forged Wheels

The RENNtech Performance Series forged wheel program is an evolution of the signature RENNtech design; exclusive, lightweight, TUV compliant wheels engineered and optimized to specific vehicle applications.
The RENNtech brand has featured several highly successful wheel designs throughout its 28+ years in the aftermarket industry. The Performance Series is the culmination of this extensive knowledge, an evolution of its predecessors. After countless hours of design development, we can confidently say that the RPS is a wheel that visually expresses RENNtech exclusivity.
Every Performance Series wheel undergoes an extensive engineering process to become superior to the OEM wheel it’s replacing. The RPS wheels are highly refined to achieve a perfect fit by considering maximum width, offset, and concavity for specific vehicle applications.
Choose between 48 different solid and transparent colors. Solid color finishing is included as a standard option. Solid colors vary in shade and smoothness; including gloss, satin, matte and textured. All wheels with transparent finishing are hand polished and/or brushed prior to being coated. The transparent tinted powder coats perfectly showcase the hand finishing in a variety of shades.



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