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RENNtech Front Brake Rotor Upgrade

RENNtech Performance Front Rotors | E63 (W/S 213) | SLS AMG (C197) | SL55/63 (R230) | GLC 63 (X/C253) | C63 Black Series (C 204)
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Performance Brake DiskPerformance Brake Disk
Retail price without tax: $2,480.00
Performance Brake Disk
Performance Brake Disk
Performance Brake Disk
Performance Brake Disk
Performance Brake Disk
Performance Brake Disk
Performance Brake Disk


For: E63 (W/S 213) | SLS AMG (C197) | SL55/63 (R230) P30 only | GLC 63 (X/C253) | C63 Black Series (C 204)



The RT Performance Brake Rotors are an upgrade and direct replacement for the OE brake rotors with no modifications necessary. The rotors bolt directly to the car and fit perfectly with Mercedes-Benz AMG OE calipers and the iron rings can easily be replaced when needed.

The rotors consist of a two-piece iron disc, aerospace grade aluminum hat construction. The high carbon content and the chemical composition of the steel enable teh RENNtech discs to be more durable and lighter than its OEM counterparts. This allows them to perform better and longer during high performance driving.

The left- and right-hand specific rotors feature directional curved vanes that actively pump air through the disc reducing the amount of heat soak. The design of the slots refreshes the pad surface and prevent containments and water from collecting between the pad and disc, therefore for maintaining maximum stopping power and brake response in all driving conditions.

OEM Mercedes discs are drilled which presents two issues. Firstly, they are major stress risers which can lead to premature cracking, and second, they also act like a cheese grater on the brake pads which wear them at an accelerated rate and create grooves in the pads which in turn creates grooves in the rotors. For this reason, Mercedes recommends replacing the discs with every pad change because of the uneven surface. With our discs, drivers can run several sets of pads on them without having to prematurely change them.

The RENNtech discs are machined exclusively in the United States from start to finish.


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