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RENNtech R1 Performance Package | GLE 63 (S) AMG | W167 | 745 HP / 767 TQ | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo | M177 | MY2020+

R1 Performance Package for AMG GLE 63: ECU Upgrade (HHT), TCU, BOV, EVM, BMC Air Filters
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Retail price without tax: $7,180.00
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The Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 (W167) is powered by the latest V8 BiTurbo -engine developed by AMG, the company’s Affalterbach based performance division and long fabled engine builder. The result is nothing short of spectacular and the 4.0L V8 BiTurbo engine is an incredible platform to build performance upon. 

RENNtech’s R1, R2, R3, and R3+ are vehicle specific performance packages, engineered to increase vehicle power output while ensuring all upgrades work in sync, resulting in optimal overall performance.

Increasing performance in stages offers a clear path toward the desired development goal. Starting at R1, moving forward is easy and gives owners the ability to evaluate the impact of each level of modification through the stages. Owners can also plan and budget for additional modifications, making the ultimate build more affordable in the long run.



R-Line Comparison:
Vehicle Package HP Gains TQ Gains
W167 - AMG GLE 63


648 HP   713 LB-FT  
W167 - AMG GLE 63 ECU Upgrade
745 HP +97 HP 767 LB-FT +54 LB-FT
W167 - AMG GLE 63 R1 Package 745 HP +97 HP 767 LB-FT +54 LB-FT
W167 - AMG GLE 63 R3 Package 875 HP +194 HP 871 LB-FT +135 LB-FT

What is included in the R1 package:

  • ECU Upgrade: Our proprietary tuning module stores both the RENNtech tuned file and your vehicles stock file. The module plugs directly into the OBD2 port and delivers the file you choose directly to the ECU.
    • TCU Upgrade: TCU dupgrade elivers faster acceleration by matching the power output of our ECU and Turbo upgrades with increased Clutch Torque Limits, Clutch Pressure, and faster shift times.
  • Blow Off Valves: Designed as a quick bolt-in solution which are intended to release excessive pressure in high boost occasions.
  • Exhaust Valve Module: The EVM allows you to fully open the exhaust valves of the AMG Sport Exhaust, giving you complete control over the exhaust sound regardless of speed, RPM or driving mode.
  • BMC Air FiltersBMC air filters are designed to last longer and create more power than the OEM paper filters.


  • We have found the M177 engine stock performance numbers vary from the baseline figures claimed by Mercedes-Benz. We typically see higher baseline numbers than claimed by the factory.
  • Power gains are calculated based on stock numbers measured by RENNtech. Crank Performance Numbers are calculated with a 16% Drivetrain loss on AWD vehicles.
  • Numbers published by MBUSA are an average over a 750 rpm range for HP and a 2,000rpm range for TQ. Power gains are calculated based on the peak stock performance measured by RENNtech.
  • Our numbers will be dependent on conditions and fuel quality. 93+ Octane gasoline is mandatory with this Performance Upgrade.
  • States known for poor fuel quality have to be supplied with a lower power setup. Please call for details and Race fuel options +1-561-845-7888.

Performance Numbers Overview 


AMG GLE 63  (MY 2021) | W167 | M177 | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo Stock Performance (at crank):

  • Rated by Mercedes-Benz (avg.):                        603 HP @ 6,700 rpm; 627 LB-FT @ 2,000 rpm
  • Dyno measured by RENNtech (peak):              745 HP @ 6,700 rpm; 767 LB-FT @ 2,000 rpm



  • Note: Mercedes M177 engine performance when measured on the dyno obtains higher power numbers than rated from factory. Performance numbers published by MBUSA are a calculated average within a specific rpm range, which obviously result  in lower power numbers than at the peak. HP and TQ gains calculated by RENNtech are always based on peak stock results measured by RENNtech and upgraded peak results measured by RENNtech.
  • For transparency and comparability, RENNtech published the average stock power during the rpm range set by MBUSA and the peak stock performance



AMG GLE 63  (MY 2021) | W213 | M177 | 4.0L V8 BiTurbo  Modified Performance (at crank):

  • Rated by RENNtech (peak @crank):             745  HP @ 6,200rpm; 767 LB-FT @ 6,800 rpm
  • Rated by RENNtech (peak @wheel):             618 whp @ 6,200rpm; 637 wtq @ 6,800 rpm
    • Crank Performance Numbers are calculated with a 14% Drivetrain loss for all wheel drive vehicles.

For detailed explanation on crank HP, wheel HP, drivetrain loss, etc. please click here.




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