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RENNtech Carbon Fiber Airbox for M177 -Engines

RENNtech Carbon Fiber Airboxes for M177 -engines
SKU: Air box:09.177.1000 gloss / 1001 satin
M177 Airbox Gloss AM177 Airbox Gloss A
Retail price without tax: $4,480.00
M177 Airbox Gloss A
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M177 Airbox
M177 Airbox
M177 Airbox Engine Bay
M177 Airbox Stock vs RT
M177 Airbox Stock vs RT 1
M177 Airbox Stock vs RT B

Performance testing shows that the OEM air boxes on the M177 V8 Bi Turbo engine become a constraint when power output is increased through performance ECU software, exhaust, and turbo upgrades.

RENNtech M177 Carbon Fiber Airboxes solve this problem through increased volume and airflow. Substantially larger than stock and a symmetrical design that delivers over 30% more filter area allows the engine to perform at the highest level in both stock and tuned form.

The intakes’ smooth flowing design sends more air into your turbos ensuring that your engine gets the volume and airflow that it needs. RENNtech M177 airboxes can add up to 27-wheel horsepower and 25 lb-ft of torque, depending on level of modification. This product is recommended with RENNtech ECU tuning and Turbo Upgrades.

  • Easy installation
  • Optimized fitment
  • Increased volume
  • Increased airflow
  • Improved response

NOTE: Due to the increased size of airboxes the OEM engine cover must be removed.

RENNtech Carbon Fiber Airboxes Fitment:
AMG GT63 Four Door Coupe (X290)
AMG E63 (W/S213)
AMG G63 (W463)
Aston Martin DBX V8 


RENNtech Carbon Fiber Quality Control

RENNtech strives to deliver the highest quality carbon fiber products in the industry. All of our designs are unique and fully developed in house by our skilled engineers and designers. These products can be very complex and are handcrafted utilizing the pre-preg manufacturing process, making each product truly unique. Therefore, a few minor inconsistencies and differences between parts is possible. Whether it’s a small deviation in the weave layup or slight inconsistency in the finish, this is completely normal in carbon fiber manufacturing because of the nature of the material and production process. Any parts with more noticeable areas of concern are scraped entirely and never offered to our highly discerning clientele. Comparing to alternative product, we're confident you will be more than satisfied with our authentic RENNtech carbon fiber components.



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