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RENNtech | TCU Tune | AMG 7G Transmission Upgrade

Transmission Control Unit (TCU) 190 -Chassis | AMG 7G Transmission Upgrade | AMG GT | GT S | GT C | GT R | GT R Pro | GT Black Series
SKU: TCU:27.700.4.DCT
RENNtech TCU TuneRENNtech TCU Tune
Retail price without tax: $2,980.00

TCU -upgrade is now available as an individual upgrade for AMG GT-series vehicles. TCU upgrade delivers faster acceleration by matching the power output of our ECU and Turbo upgrades.

  • Increased Clutch Torque Limits
  • Increased Clutch Pressure
  • Faster shift times

AMG GT | GT S | GT C | GT R | GT R Pro | GT Black Series

Note: The TCU upgrade included with AMG GT -series Turbo upgrades and is recommended for all AMG GT -series vehicles with ECU tune.  TCU must be shipped to RENNtech for programming. Turnaround time is 15-20 working days.




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