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RENNtech | Pre-Safe Module and Data Logger

RENNtech PSM | Pre-Safe Module and Data Logger
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RENNtech PRE-SAFE Module and DATA Logger | (RENNtech PSM Logger)

The Hand-Held PRE-SAFE Module is designed for unrestricted track driving and data logging for improved vehicle performance on track.

RENNtech’s PRE SAFE Module can be used to override the Forward Collision Warning and the Pre Safe Autonomous Braking system found in select Mercedes-Benz AMG models. Engineered for driving without interference from the automatic safety systems, PRE-SAFE module is meant for track driving and club racing only.

HOW TO USE Pre-Safe Module:
To initialize the PRE SAFE Module, turn the switch located on top of the Module to TUNED and plug into OBD2 port located in the driver-side footwell. Once successfully connected, the PSM’s LED light will briefly turn red, then flash green and a FORWARD COLLISION WARNING DISABLED message will appear on dash display. Your car is now in track only mode and should not be used on public roads.

To return the car back to stock PRE-SAFE settings turn the switch over to STOCK and plug it back into OBD2 port. Once successfully connected, the green LED light will flash and the onboard screen will read FORWARD COLLISION WARNING ENABLED.
Prior to returning to normal traffic, verify that Forward Collision Warning is enabled and active.

Data Logger:
The PSM module collects and stores up to 51 data variables that can be downloaded to a personal computer for later review and analysis. The module records the same data variables used by the AMG and Mercedes-Benz factory engineers for analyzing vehicle performance, including Boost Pressure and Oil Temp. These useful data variables can be set and selected using a personal computer.

To start logging data, simply connect the MODULE into OBD2 port and wait for the LED light to flash green. The module must stay plugged in for data logging. Removing the module ends log and saves it as a numbered file on the module. To start a new record/log, simply reconnect the module.

NOTE: RENNtech recommends selecting 10 or fewer logging variables for highest accuracy. Enabling a large number of data sets will reduce resolution.

The RENNtech data logger is compatible with Windows OS.

  • Disable Pre-Safe Autonomous Braking and Forward Collision Warning for race and track driving
  • Record and log detailed engine performance data
  • Connects through OBD2 port
  • Download Software for Windows (32 and 64-bit) here

Disclamer: It is the responsibility of the owner/driver to use caution and exercise responsible driving. Disabling the PRE-SAFE / FORWARD COLLISION WARNING System may increase the risk of accidents. Extreme caution is necessary when driving with the system disabled. Use at own risk, RENNtech takes no responsibility for any accidents or harm caused while using this product.

ABOUT PRE-SAFE and FORWARD COLLISION WARNING: PRE-SAFE® Brake is an autonomous emergency braking system which uses radar sensors to help identify critical driving situations. Designed to scan for obstacles 200m ahead of the car at speeds between 30km/h and 200km/h, the PRE-SAFE system can apply partial or maximum braking force to avoid impact. Please refer to Mercedes-Benz AMG owner’s manual for additional information.

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