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RENNtech EVM | Exhaust Valve Module

RENNtech Exhaust Valve Module | Permanently Open Exhaust Flaps. 190-AMG GT Series. AMG GT | GT S | GT C | GT R | GT Pro BS
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EVM - Exhaust Valve Module (Remote Controlled)



If your Mercedes-AMG is equipped with factory exhaust valves, with or without a center console button to open or close them, factory settings do NOT allow the flaps to fully open unless certain speed and/or RPM have been reached. For example, while cruising the exhaust flaps will never fully open!


RENNtech’s Exhaust Valve Module, (EVM) gives you complete control over the exhaust sound of your exhaust regardless of speed, RPM or driving mode! The Exhaust Valve Module allows you to fully open the exhaust valves of the AMG Sport Exhaust by pressing Button 1 on the remote control, and to return to factory settings by pressing Button 2.

The RENNtech Exhaust Valve Module is made in Germany.

Advantages of RENNtech’s EVM:

  • Activation completely independent regardless of drive mode
    • Override your cars factory exhaust flap setting with the push of a button.
  • EVM does not engage with CAN-Bus
    • No interference with any control units.
    • Software updates do not interfere with the functionality of the EVM exhaust valve module.
    • No cutting wires, no damage to factory cables, fully reversible.


  • 1 x Exhaust Valve Module
  • 2 x Remote Controls (Button 1 fully open, Button 2 back to factory)
  • Wiring harness (model specific)
  • Installation manual



  • 190 - AMG GT Coupe + Convertible | *Needs to be equipped with optional performance exhaust/factory valves*
  • 190 - AMG GT S Coupe + Convertible
  • 190 - AMG GT C  Coupe + Convertible
  • 190 - AMG GT R  Coupe + Convertible
  • 190 - AMG GT R Pro 



  • *Before Placing Order, Confirm If Your Car Is Equipped with Factory Exhaust Valves*
  • The RENNtech EVM is placed in the footwell, no hard wiring necessary.
  • For extra convenience, the EVM is programmed so once the exhaust valves stay fully open in Position 1 (Button 1). Valves will stay open even when the car is turned off and restarted. The EVM will ONLY revert to factory setting by pressing Button 2.





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