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Just installed the intercooler pump and carbon fiber air box. I was more than pleased to see a noticeable jump in power and throttle response. It has been my experience that on engines of around 500hp you are going to have to have an increase of at least 25-30hp to notice any difference. I am very happy with the results. Thanks for your help.

Best regards,

Jack S.

SL 55 (R230)
Posted By: RENNtech

I just wanted to thank you and the team at RENNtech for the incredible job done on my 07 SL600. The package 3 along with the limited slip differential and the sport mufflers have taken this from a great car to a sleeping monster.
Through the TCU upgrade I now have complete control over transmission in manual as in the AMG version which was not available before. The exhaust note is so incredible, popping when decelerating beautiful when cruising and unbelievable awesome when the hammer goes down.
I couldn't be happier with the car. Even with all of the new found power I can still get 18 miles to the gallon around town. And best of all my 14 year old son loves it. He can't wait to go for rides.

Thank you again.

Edward S.

2007 SL 600
Posted By: RENNtech
Took 'er out on 95 the other day-and wow! Exactly what I wanted. When you jump on it at speed, like 70 or so and hammer it, the exhaust becomes glorious and sounds like Parnelli Jones in his ‘69 Boss Trans-am car. #15 in your program.

Please tell Harmut it’s perfect and was just what I wanted on the highway.

Thank you guys.

Jeff S.

E 55 Wagon
Posted By: RENNtech
"We use Renntech to build ours because, quite frankly, we don't think there's anyone else out there who knows that box as well as they do. We've put close to 700 AWHP and nearly identical TQ through the upgraded box and they've performed flawlessly."

Via Online Regarding our Porsche / Mercedes 722.6 Transmission Upgrades

Champion Motorsport
3101 Center Port Circle
Pompano Beach, FL 33064
Posted By: RENNtech

As I have told you over the years, I LOVE the work you folks have done on my "03" CL55AMG. The sound of the car and general performance make it a joy to drive. As you know I also have that rare "chamois" color which also attracts attention.

I average at least one comment about the car per week.....often three...from fast food servers to other car afficianados. My wife does not like to drive it because she says "It draws too much attention"..Too many "thumbs" up and comments.


Buck B
Posted By: RENNtech
Mr Brady,

Just to let you know we installed the ECU on Saturday and the C is now another beast. I cant Thank you enough for your patience and help. Am sure Ill get a few friends to go the Renntech way after they try out my cousins C63.

Thanks for all

Jose S
Posted By: RENNtech
I have 2008 C63 which I bought May of 2008. I was one of the first few to own C63 in Canada. For the first 2 and a half years I had it stock and was quite satisfied with the power but as time went on the urge to see the true potential of this car over came me and I got the tune.

I went through the same dilemma as you on what tune to get, but I settled with Renntech basically because their very reputable company with a quality product. That being said the Renntech tune is one of the more expensive tunes. However now that I have been driving it for a few days it was worth it. The car pulls so hard its ridiculous. C mode now with the tune feels like S mode stock and S mode tuned.......out of this world!

I specifically asked for a 93 octane tune which renntech informed me was generally what they do with their tunes. We have 94 octane gas up here in Calgary Canada at our Husky stations so I believe it helps. Renntech claims 517hp and 485Ft/lbs from crank on their website but I think this is conservative. I hope can find a dyno and see what power Im truly putting down. Any way its worth it whatever tune you get but for me Renntech was the best choice because it gave me peace of mind that they do great job and my engine wont blow up.

posted by bpppp

via forums
Posted By: RENNtech
Dear Bob,

I indeed enjoyed Wednesday's PM drink and beautiful setting! The car performed well: 600 miles 9:15 hours elapsed time door to door, 8:30 hours of driving, 72+ mph average speed and best of all 19.3 mpg, 2 mpg better than before, across the board.

The LSD makes a radical difference on big power application with a much more behaved attitude all around. I was tearing up the twisties on the back roads in the middle of the swamps last night. Once more, a great thanks to you and the team for an excellent job. Please thank Hartmut also for being gracious and personally overseeing the final details of the tuning. Above all, you are a good friend.

Warm regards and a "boss" week-end!

Posted By: RENNtech

I wanted to circle back around with you and thank you for helping me with the purchase of your sound pipes for my 2008 CLK BS. I love the sound, in my opinion, it’s really how it should have sounded from the factory.

Thank you,

Posted By: RENNtech
I just came off a 2500 mile tour of the Southwest. The car always drew a crowd, pulled hard regardless of altitude or temperature, and provided many 'fast' car owners with a nice view of the rear of the car and the sound of your marvelous exhaust system. It definitely thunders when you call up all the horses in the barn.

Z06 'Vette owners universally had a terrible time dealing with the reality of being blown off by a very quick, very fast MB being driven by a grandfather - yuk yuk.

Thanks for the good work!

Best regards,

Posted By: RENNtech

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