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Mercedes | 722.9 Seven Speed | Transmission Software Upgrade | S-Class

RENNtech Transmission Software Upgrade for 722.9 Mercedes Seven Speed Transmissions for C217 and W222 S-Class.
SKU: TCU:27.722.6.TS
Retail price without tax: $2,480.00

With increased engine performance it becomes necessary to further improve the drive line components, most importantly the transmission in order to ensure maximum power is transmitted to the drive wheels without transmission slippage. Especially with the newest generation of the C217 and W222 S - Class, the transmission has been the weak point while increasing power and acceleration

The RENNtech transmission upgrade is complete transmission software upgrade and has to be done at the RENNtech HQ in Stuart, Florida.

Our upgrade leads to improved shift response, shift timing, increased torque handling capabilities and greater drivability under extreme conditions without sacrificing around town comfort. The transmission upgrade also drastically improves 0-60 times.


Available for:

  • C217 - S 550
  • C217 - S 63 AMG
  • C217 - S 65 AMG
  • W222 - S 550
  • W222 - S 600 Maybach
  • W222 - S 63 AMG
  • W222 - S 65 AMG



  • For the RENNtech Transmission Upgrade on the C217 and W222 S-Class, the vehicle has to be present at the RENNtech HQ in Stuart, FL.



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