Aixro XR-50 Rotary Karting Engine w/ Standard "IDM" Magneto Ignition

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The Aixro XR-50 continues to be a revolution in the karting world. There has never been such a combination of performance, drivability and reliability in this sport before. Here's why:

The XR-50 is a 4-stroke rotary engine working on the Wankel principle and consequently has no oscillating masses due to an eccentric shaft and rotor turning at 1/3 shaft speed. During each full rotation of the shaft one of three chambers is ignited. As all the moving mass is balanced, this type of engine layout is free from vibration, extremely powerful, compact in size and produces low emissions.

The XR-50 is a carburetor engine with mixture lubrication at a ratio of 50:1, but unlike in 2-stroke engines all oil is combusted without residue.  Fresh gases initially flow through one end plate, stream through the rotor, bearings and shaft cooling and lubricating, before passing into the combustion chamber through the opposite end plate. At ~5500 rpm a negative-pressure controlled butterfly valve opens a second port feeding additional gases directly into the combustion chamber.  These cold gases give rise to the enormous power of the XR 50. The untypical processes in the engine result in very long control times that positively influences exhaust gas values, which are typically under 1% of comparable 2-stroke units and equal to the best 4-stroke levels.

Powerful, lightweight and efficent. The XR-50 rotary engine combines all three of these qualties to make for the ultimate powerplant for the ultimate karting experience.

  • Please note these engines require the use of Motul Kart GP 2T Racing Oil which is the only oil recommended to use with the XR-50

Technical Specifications:

  • Type: 4- stroke single rotor rotary engine/ non electric start version
  • Power: 48Hp @ 8750 RPM
  • Weight: 37.5 Lbs
  • Torque: 29 Lb/Ft @ 7500 RPM
  • Chamber Volume: 294 ccm
  • Max RPM: 10,400
  • Ignition: Magnet ignition w/ variable timing
  • Clutch: 3-disc racing clutch w/ 11T one piece sprocket drum
  • Starter: External Start
  • Drive: 1/2 in chain type 428


  • Non-electric (external) start version
  • Dual Inlet intake w/ vacuum control
  • Bing float carburetor
  • K&N air filter
  • 3-piece exhaust w/ manifold and exhaust springs
  • Standard engine mounts (Ø32mm x 92mm)

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Optional Equipment:

  • Onboard Electric Starter Package- Convert your enternal start XR-50 to a Touch and Go (TaG) push button on board electric start engine. Kit includes starter, starter transmission, relay, wiring and green push button (does not include battery)- Add $400
  • Ceramic Apex Seals- Reduces internal friction and operating temperature allowing for higher performance and greater reliability- Add $500
  • PVL CDI Igntion System- The latest digital ignition system, which has been developed in cooperation with German ignition specialist PVL. Its variable ignition timing and integrated start support has resulted in significantly improved starting performance and the higher spark quality and intensity yield increased bottom end power with an increased 11,000 RPM rev limit. The ignition is self-sustaining, so it does not require a battery to start and run, but if a battery is aboard the integrated alternator will supply 50W regulated current to keep the battery fully charged. Add $500



Price: $5,480
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